A simple tool to help you write in a polite, friendly tone.

#4 Product of the DayOctober 09, 2015
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Hi all. I'm a co-founder of FoxType. Very excited to see this on Product Hunt. We worked real hard on de-noising the sentence suggestions as language can be very unpredictable. And yes, apparently smileys are polite :) Any feedback will be appreciated.
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As a user of this tool, it's a great way to assess how people might feel about the words that I am using. As a product person, I love that these kinds of products are possible to build now with the machine learning and data magic that's getting easier every day. I'm excited to see more tools like this.
Do you always show suggestions if something is already polite, or even neutral? It seems that those are the cases that are very difficult to improve upon as opposed to sentences that are more definitively rude. Indeed, you handle this quite gracefully :)
@calc Yes, there's always different ways of saying the same thing. Sometimes you are overly polite and want to tone it down. These are merely suggestions so the user will eventually decide what is good. It may or may not be surprising but that query is very common :)
Hey this is really cool. Signed up for the plugin.
The works really well! GitHub Issues integration would be... amazing.
@brianreavis Thanks for trying us out, and offering feedback. Other people have mentioned Github Issues integration before, so it's something to look into. We're planning to roll out quite a few extensions. Our idea is to fit into your existing workflow. via. gmail, google docs, (and maybe Github :)