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Joseph Mourot
Joseph MourotMaker@josephmourot · Rivalfox
Foxdigest is a tool built to help digital and content marketers understand which kind of content their competitors are pushing on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. We monitor most of the social media channels, press mentions, newsletters, backlinks of your competitors. Along with the content itself, a performance indicator is displayed, based on the average engagement received by the competitor on the channel featured. It should help you understand which kind of content your audience likes, which distribution channels work the best, and of course keep a close look on your latest competitors' moves.
Eugeniu Vozoca
Eugeniu Vozoca@devjah · Developer
Mailbox inspired
Naomi Goldberg
Naomi Goldberg@naomilgoldberg
looks great, but most people wouldn't be prepared to sign up without some type of trial or free plan to get to know the product first.
Alexander Ivanov
Alexander IvanovMaker@alex_iwanow · CEO
@naomilgoldberg Hi Naomi, we are working on a trial and will be introduced shortly. In the meantime we are offering a 30-day money back guarantee. Thanks for you comment, we updated the information about 30 days money back on the website now!
Sergey Zeyruk
Sergey Zeyruk@kidinsafe · Founder, KidInSafe
Nice product but... Let's simulate a situation. No news about my 5 compatitors. 30 days passed. I didn't received any email from your service. I understand that it's not your fault but I paid $19 Should I pay for another month or this $19 will be automaticaly transformed to this new payment?
Alexander Ivanov
Alexander IvanovMaker@alex_iwanow · CEO
@kidinsafe hey Sergey, first of all we have a 30 day money back guarantee. But in our experience in competitive intelligence you will not have a complete silence on all channels, maybe no news but social media or newsletter experience or new backlinks etc. But of course I agree with you that there be might be some companies which are doing really nothing, then I think its not necessary to monitor them at all, unless smth. changed. I hope it helps.
Tori Bunte
Tori Bunte@stttories · PMM, HPE Storage
I absolutely love that this doesn't require any log-ins. I've bemoaned before about how many content marketing and social monitoring tools require access to social media accounts. Working at a large company, I don't have access to those log-ins and it prevents me from utilizing most tools. Any plans to scale past 5 competitors? Or would it make more sense to have two accounts if I wanted to monitor both small and big players?