Fox Mini 1

A ~$30 clever phone for your smartphone

#4 Product of the DayAugust 11, 2017
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Nothing new, these are all over Aliexpress long time ago and much cheeper (around $15). I got this one for my father and it works fine:
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@mightyalex can I give you unlimited upvotes?
@deambulando Haha. I haven't really had time to test it, but as far as I know it's great for making calls and it has the not at all necessary features such as MP3 (2GB), FM Radio and can be used as a bluetooth speaker.
@mightyalex just for the FM radio is worth the money! thanks.
@deambulando @mightyalex do you know if those phones work in the US and do they support nano sim (iphone 7)?
@deambulando @eric_taylor1 they should, why not, but make sure you check the page on aliexpress for this and for the sim.
This is so cheap, I'm considering buying a bunch as a gift for friends. Nice find, @crashhawk.
If you want to get rid of your smartphone just get rid of it and get a Nokia 3310. They are indestructible, high quality, and get service where even most smartphones don't.
@rueter this could be your backup phone. Can never replace the smartphone. And credit card size makes it super convenient to carry around
How does one in the US buy one? They only seem available on the India Amazon site.
@mrjmws don't think fox Mini is still selling this outside india. Trying to hunt the maker to get answers to such questions!
It looks like someone just cloned Light Phone ( — which Kevin Rose is a fan of) for the Indian market, and the reviews for it on Amazon are not all that re-assuring, saying that the audio quality is terrible. Good to see someone coming in at a lower price-point though, imho $99 (Light Phone price) is too much for something of minimal functionality.
@_jacksmith completely agree! 99 is too high for light phone