An eye tracking virtual reality headset (pre-launch)

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Eye tracking will revolutionize VR - Check it out!
Anyone who has tried Fove knows how amazing it is. I can't wait to see what creative developers can do with this.
I think I've seen several ideas like this but I do believe this is a great movement.
@afshinmeh Thank you! This kind of technology has existed in various forms over the years, usually very expensive or bulky ones!
I've been watching your Kickstarter since yesterday and I'm impressed by how successful it is, congratulations to the team! I believe you were in the first River batch, is that right?
@baptistegreve Thank you! We were part of the first River batch yes, they are really great!
@fove_wilson Good to know! I'm applying to their program for Unimersiv, a platform to learn through virtual reality :) Maybe I'll see you there! Best of luck for Fove
This is really interesting. Has your team been exploring possible medical research applications? Gaming is cool, but VR can be so much more :)
@jackrometty Yes! Of course. Please take a look, we do a lot of work with people with disabilities like ALS. We also see the applications in active medicine.
@fove_wilson awesome! Interest level increased tenfold!
@jackrometty Thanks! We are very interested in the medical field and making peoples lives better with VR. Providing people with disabilities a private space that they are in full control of was very eye opening. The privacy aspect was something we really had not considered as so crucial to their lives.