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#3 Product of the DayOctober 03, 2017

Join over 125,000 developers building location-aware experiences with Foursquare technology and data.

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Go Foursquare, go! Happy to answer any Q's about what's possible with our tools & technology!
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visiting a new city and sorting for options by distance on 4sq is a lifesaver. I guess that wasn't really a question...
@dens Maybe a bit off topic but as iOS pushes focus on AR to our phones, what are your initiatives in this technology?
@ohitsmerenz We doing a bit of experimenting internally, but near term focus is to help other devs make better AR experiences w/ our tech. For example, for AR experiences that don't take place on a conference room table or while standing int the middle of the street, it's prob helpful for devs to know (a) what is the name of the place this phone is inside right now?, (b) what is the category of this place? (bakery, butcher shop, bowling alley, etc), (c) has this phone ever been to this place before?, (d) what are the most interesting tips/keywords/tastes associated wth with this place? These are all things best handle by the Pilgrim SDK and the Foursquare API.

We tried multiple options and Foursquare was our best option. Plus, if you check their site, there are some very big names who have recently signed up to utilize their technology. We felt good being within that company. :)


Lots of features


Little to no dashboard to give you information on API stats.

Hey, gimme a wishlist of API stats you'd want in a dashboard
@dens we used to use the FourSquare API for building preview small business websites ( and our local places app that got 100 downloads a day organically. I’m now on to other things, but we always felt the FourSquare API was easy to work with, had super great relevant data, and it is the only reliable local places API on the market. It’s where it all started for me and my co-founder. Thank you so much for making that happen.
@inventitorfixit Hey thx for the great feedback!
@dens Thank you for this! We are implementing this within our application already. It's fantastic. Quick question though, is there a way to check rate limits within the dev account?
@adamdepasqua looks like you can check rate limits in the API response:
@ryan_kotzebue Thanks! I passed this along.

Great service. Glad we committed to it.


Easy to use, data rich