Create collages of 4 looping videos

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Many thanks @erictwillis for featuring Fourcast :) Fourcast is a fun social app that lets you record 4 videos into one unified video collage (looping, 16 secs max). The app is being used by the Fourcast community to craft video selfies, solo/group greetings, vocal/musical symphonies, and lots more. I got the idea for Fourcast while watching an acapella video collage in youtube. I thought it would be cool if there was an app that could do that so I excitedly got to work: - Aug 2013: Saw acapella collage on youtube - Sep to Dec 2013: Research, create specs, then engaged a programmer to do protoype - Dec 2013: Pitched the idea/prototype to my awesome company (day job). They're in the software development business and encourage staff to pitch ideas. - Jan 2014: Got the green light to develop Fourcast with an awesome team (2 developers, a system architect, sprint tester, and ui/ux designer (me) - Apr 2014: Launched in the appstore woohoo! We are working on an update that will allow users to export Fourcasts for uploading directly on social networks like instagram or youtube. Currently they are uploaded to our servers and shared through urls such as this: Please feel free to leave a comment and thank you for visiting :)