Fountain Greetings 2.0

Handwritten cards. Curated gifts. Right at your fingertips.

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Founder, Fountain Greetings
Hey there Product Hunt! We’ve just launched Fountain 2.0. It's our biggest iteration and update since launching on PH almost a year ago. With this update we become one step closer to modernizing the greeting and gifting experience. Fountain 2.0 brings curated gift boxes that include our signature handwritten card and a newly designed mobile web experience, making it even easier to send greetings and gifts on the go. So far we’ve partnered with over 30 brands and plan on rolling out new gift boxes on a monthly basis. Our goal by Christmas is to have gifts curated in such a way that we have at least one box that would make an ideal gift for someone in your life. We’ve also started offering bespoke gift boxes where our team will work with you to help implement your or your companies plans to send the perfect gift. We can provide recommendations and help you source the right products for the best possible gifting experience. I'll be here all day answering any questions you guys have.
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Andrew Zusman
UX Designer
Have used it many times. 10/10 Doesn't get any easier than this.