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Effortless handwritten letters as a service

#4 Product of the DayOctober 31, 2014
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Hey guys, Fountain is modernizing the greeting and gifting industry and bringing back the lost art of the handwritten-card. Everyone loves receiving a greeting card, but actually finding a nice card, writing inside, and mailing it out? That’s another story. Fountain helps by letting you send a handwritten card (free wax seal too!) along with a gift in only a few minutes. All our cards are handwritten by real people, not robots. They’re penmanship is some of the best i’ve ever seen. Writers are spread around NYC, work from home, and make their own hours (similar to Uber drivers). If you guys want to get in touch with me direct email Thank's for checking us out!
@itskunalsheth nice throwback service. reminds me of Joaquin Phoenix's gig in Her!
@itskunalsheth What is the crest of the wax seal? Generic of personalized? Your branding our mine?
@JoshDance It's our logo of a Fountain Pen. We want to expand the selection of wax seals, but want to focus on the core offerings first.
@itskunalsheth It would be interesting to see companies be able to have their own custom seal (like, of their logos).
@irosenb agreed. I think it would look sweet.
Call me old fashioned, but the charm of a handwritten note is in the time the sender took out of their busy life to sit down and write it. If I received a handwritten note from a friend or colleague, only to find out it had been penned by someone else (sender's words or not), I'd frankly be pretty put off. @itskunalsheth – Do you see this perception as being a barrier to consumer adoption? How do you typically respond to this sort of objection? I see the value for large orgs and marketers... but your website give me the impression that this is being positioned as a consumer product. All else aside, I love the paper designs, and the signet seal is a *wicked* touch!
@jgulden Sorry for the late reply Josiah. I don't see the card not being handwritten by the consumer a major barrier. To us the handwritten aspect is one part of a whole package which includes quality, style, and convenience. Consumers are choosing us over other online greeting card services because of our ease of use, focused design, and premium look. That said we are looking into selling packs of our stationery, so the people who want to sit down and write cards themselves can.
i'm a big fan of hand-written cards, so this is awesome for when i want to do one-to-many thank yous. i'm curious: what types of customers are most using your product?
@eriktorenberg It seems gratitude has no bounds. We've had students use us for post interview thank you cards. Businesses use us to thank prospective clients. We see a lot of cards being sent that are just to touch base and say hi. It's cool seeing all the various use cases.
So excited to see this posted! Kunal is a great guy, and I like knowing there are great people behind great products.
@UXAndrew Thanks Andrew!
Hey guys, looks like there might be some issues with checkout. Looking into it right now. In the meantime email if you have issues.