Instant home & garden advice from experts (limited beta)

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If Jelly, Clarity, and Path Talk had a baby, it would be Fountain (ok, maybe that's a stretch). They just announced $4M in funding from Shasta and First Round, starting with a focus on home and garden but you can imagine this expanding to other categories like health/fitness, sports, art, etc. They're taking registrations for early access now. h/t @sarahbuhr via her TC write-up this morning.
@rrhoover @sarahbuhr I'm mostly interested in the idea of startups having babies
@libovness @rrhoover that's a pretty sweet idea for a collection, tech babies. Products that fit the ______+_______. Just gonna drop the Doublie=messenger+photoshop :)
Glad to be spotted on Product Hunt. We've been working for almost a year on the deep natural language processing to understand questions, the skills implicit in solving those questions, and how those skills connect to various experts.
@apatzer This is Key! You gotta talk more about this. Most Q&A startups seem to forget the core competencies needed to solve this problem. Obviously, each approach will require a different set of core tech, but it seems most products end up assuming that traction + liquidity + moderation will be enough.
Be among the first 200 to hit and bypass the waitlist! Keep in mind Fountain experts are slated to come online at 6am Pacific this Saturday, Oct. 25, 2014.
This looks really well thought through and the execution seems to be spot on. There's a ton of noise in the 'Answers On Demand' space so their positioning makes sense right away.
@abhic Thanks Abhi! Michael Ernst @BeingErnst is responsible for the logo, look and feel, and much of the design. He was the first Creative Director for Yelp (Yelps first 5 years).
Just a reminder that the beta opens up Saturday at 9:00am ET. You can play around with the app before then (unless you're wait listed), but there may not be any experts online until Saturday. Still fun to mess around with the NLP.
@apatzer At a glance, I only see iPhone. Is there an Android version in the works?
@jasoncomely @apatzer Fountain is iOS only right now, Android and web coming soon.
@apatzer How accurate is "Uber for experts" metaphor? What are you planning to do to create this new behavior of fountaining an expert every time we need help?