Check your eligibility for the O-1 visa for $149

#3 Product of the DayJune 20, 2016
I've watched Ryan and his team work tirelessly on this product for the last six months and I'm a incredibly proud of the progress they have made. As an American I have never had to face this process but I have seen how challenging it can be for talented engineers to come work within the United States. Making the process easier and more affordable for foreigners to come work with Americans is what this country was built upon, and it only serves to benefit us all. Great job Ryan! Ryan is also working on making the pricing more clear, as that seems to be a point of confusion.
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@connormaher92 Your words mean a lot to me, Connor. I really appreciate it!
@rkhkim2010 this is one the most interesting platforms I´ve ever seen here. I think you are working in something unique, and it could be a very good adding to the Obama´s program called Digital Government strategy Have you seen that?
@marcosluis2186 Thank you very much for your interest in FoundVisa! We are working very hard at this moment to release our next service. I have heard about it, but do not know about the details of it. I will take a look at it. Thank you very much for your feedback.
O1 visas normally cost $5000-$10,000 in lawyer fees. This startup that launched today claims that they can help you for just $169 using an online solution. for some context: I previously was on an O1 visa (before getting my green card), so have done quite a lot of research into this space.
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@_jacksmith Hi Jack, I'm a co-founder of FoundVisa - thanks for the hunt! I would like to point out that $169 is only for the prescreening service. It does not cover all other services. But it is significantly cheaper than going the traditional route.
@rkhkim2010 what other 'services' are involved, and what sort of prices are those charged at?
@_jacksmith There are total 3 different services in my startup: Prescreening service, form filling service, and final review service. -The prescreening service is our review process to check the eligibility of an applicant getting the O-1 visa. -Form filling service helps you fill out all necessary forms digitally through our dashboard. We can promise that it is a 100x easier than filling it out by hand. -Final review service is done by a lawyer to review all of an applicant's documents. We just launched the prescreening service recently while the other two are in private beta right now. We will release it once they are fully ready but the demand is through the roof!! We haven't set a final price for the two services but we expect the complete package should cost less than $2,500 for applicant. Lawyers usually charge at least 2x more for what we're offering! We are very excited to be lowering the barrier for engineers/founders who want to build their dreams in the US.
@rkhkim2010 so right now you only offer the prescreen service for $169? the wording on your website implies that you'll also do the form filling for that price
@_jacksmith We want to be very transparent with users so we've went ahead and fixed the wording! Sorry for the confusion!
This looks interesting! A simple FAQ page would already go a long way answering some of the initial questions someone might have before paying the prescreening fee.
@adrianleb Thank you very much for your interest in FoundVisa! We have noticed this issue and are in the middle of implementing the FAQ page. Thank you again!
@rkhkim2010 @adrianleb maybe do a few that average product hunters might have. I was looking at this and thought it's only for publicly known or well-achieved people. How does this apply to developers or designers?
Website seems intentionally misleading with the $169. As mentioned in the comments here it will cost another $2500 to get the actual visa. Really should make that more clear on your website.
@shimmb Hello Simon, thank you for your interest in FoundVisa. Sorry for causing any confusion on your side. I would like to let you know that it is not our intention to purposely mislead our customers. Just to clarify, the prescreening fee will be included in $2,500(For your information, this is not a set price but may be adjusted in the future). FoundVisa team is in the middle of creating FAQ page to get rid of any confusion we are causing with customers. We will update this comment once it is updated. Sorry for the confusion again! **UPDATE: I want to let you know that we have updated the wording on FoundVisa website! Please take a look at it and let me know if you are still confused!
@shimmb that is already cheap compared to normal routes
@rkhkim2010, seriously great idea on innovating immigration. Maybe there is a possible collaboration with @simplecitizenUS in YC summer 16.
@waiteonryan @simplecitizenus Thank you for your interest in FoundVisa. That is a very great idea. I've known SimpleCitizen for long time and would love to collaborate at some point in the future.