Build your backend in minutes, instead of days

#3 Product of the DayNovember 01, 2019
Foundry is a tool that lets developers build their backend much faster.
You choose from prebuilt templates for specific backend functionality like search, and 1-click deploy it onto your GCP or Firebase app.
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Hi folks πŸ‘‹! We got the idea to build Foundry this summer when we were building multiple projects in a row. We realized that we were building the same backend functionality again and again and it always took from hours to days. We wanted to create a tool that would solve this problem for developers. We eventually came with an idea of having prebuilt pipelines that developers could configure and then deploy onto their own backend hosted on Firebase or GCP. The way it works is that you create a service account with the required permission the pipeline needs, we then act as that service account and deploy the code onto your backend. Every pipeline is open-sourced and has a list of permissions that requires. That way you can check the code before you deploy it onto your app. One of my favorite pipelines is a search functionality for your Firestore database using Algolia - It literally takes just 3 minutes to integrate it into your app. All your documents in a collection are indexed automatically when created/updated/deleted. To get the search results, you just need to call one cloud function from your frontend and that's it. Currently, we support only Firebase and Google Cloud Platform. Our goal is to support all major platforms in the future. Feel free to ask us any questions!
Sounds interesting, I am hoping there going to be more pipelines. Suggestion: you can create image pipelines like thumbnail create etc.
@prakis Definitely! One of the reasons we wanted to launch was to learn what pipelines people want. Thank you for the suggestion!
really awesome! as a founder with limited knowledge of dev ops, something like this is super useful.
@lnchoi Thank you, Ellen! Glad you like it. Do you have any specific backend/dev ops difficulties that you find yourself often solving?
Cool! It really can accelerate development! Do you have ability to add third-party pipelines (or create private pipelines inside of organization)?
@dimansny1 Not right now. We've been thinking about launching a marketplace to let people create their pipelines. We already have some third-party pipelines with integrations like Stripe or SendGrid
do you have one for blocking users ? also how easy is it to add to my database already?
@edisonjoao6871 can you please describe how the blocking users should work? Blocking from access to some database document? You just need to provide a service account when you’re deploying a pipeline. We take care of the rest.