Equity Calculator

Online tool to decide how to split equity among founders

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functional but could use some design help...
You should acquire Startup Equity Calculator.
Has anyone used this tool while splitting equity ?
@kwdinc (author here). The calculator has more than 6000 users per month, and several hundred founders have emailed me back to say that the calculator was spot on. Looks promising to me. Feel free to ask any questions. The recommended way to use it is for all founders to try separately, and then compare the results. If the results are completely off, it means founders don't have the same perception of their role. It's a great way to start what needs to be a serious and thoughful discussion.
@alain94040 @xtopherpaul's point below is interesting, as I think one thing missing from this is something along the lines of "Who is responsible for developing the brand identity?" and "Who is responsible for all of the design work?" One startup I'm working on right now is comprised of me and a designer. I came up with the idea, have the link to the target industry, am the pitch guy, come up wtih most of the features and when our developer left early on I'm now coding most of the thing myself. However, I'm happy to go with a more even split because I know how difficult it can be to get a good designer. When we won Startup Weekend, I'd say my pitch was awesome, but it would have been less awesome without the incredible visuals he put together.. and when we launch beta in a couple of weeks, the superior UX we have is definitely one of the tools that will help us stand out from our main competitor.