$6k of discounts for the best startup tools for only $39

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Hey Product Hunters! Mike, Fred and I have been working on this project for a few months and are super excited to finally release it into the wild! FoundersKit is a bundle of the best resources and tools to help founders launch and build startups. The bundle consists of 63 deals which are valued at $6,103. We're planning to add deals over time to keep the bundle slowly growing. The membership is valid for one year access to the discounts. Let us know if you have any questions or feedback. We’ll be around all day!
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@dylanfeltus this is so awessssooooooome! So many awesome tools on here that are essential for startups! Many of which are covered in @bramk's Startup Stash Great place for founders to get such a great deal on the best tools.
@bentossell Thanks Ben! We made this primarily as we knew this was something we totally wanted to exist and would use ourselves. We're super stoked about the partners we've got on board (with more in the pipeline to join post launch (which all members will get access to when they join)) so this is just the beginning for us. Looking forward to hearing what everyone thinks :)
@dylanfeltus This will be VERY useful for the many side projects!! :-)
@bramk Thanks Bram! Definitely took some inspiration from your epic! 😎👍
We're thrilled to be part of this with (in the Teamwork section 😃). Congratulations on the launch! 🎉
@tompedals I genuinely love HeyUpdate (as a designer I can't help but love your UI). So pleased to have you guys on board!
@tompedals same! We're ( listed in there too, as part of the 'Communication' section :D
@duellsy Thanks Chris! We're loving what you guys are doing right now, seems like you've hit another gear! So good having you guys on board, excited to see how Elevio grows!
This is incredible, @fredrivett! So many insane deals. Thanks for including with all these amazing companies. You guys rock!
@siddharth87 Thanks Sid! So glad we got LemonStand on board 👊
Wow @dylanfeltus, @mikeaag and @fredrivett these are some really sweet deals, congrats on the launch and keep on rocking!
@jcvangent Thanks Hans!! We worked really hard to make sure the discounts included were always high quality and diversified. More deals are lined up and will be going on the site over the next few weeks 👍
@jcvangent Hey Hans! Thanks so much man. We're so happy with the level of partner we've managed to attract and are really excited for some really big partners we've got in the pipeline. Definitely just the beginning here! 😄 🚀 If you've got any suggestions on partners do let us know!
Very clean design
@yasrostom Thank you 🙌