In each episode, the hosts talk to an entrepreneur about their story. From the ups and downs to start-up to how they came up with the idea to advice for aspiring entrepreneurs- an authentic depiction of the challenges of start-up life. Released every 2 weeks.
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Excited to be on Product Hunt and be able to tell stories of founders.
Thanks @anokha25 excited to be on product hunt! We created this podcast because there are so many startup founders with incredible untold stories. Founders Unfiltered focuses on a founder's story and the process of building a company. Getting it off the ground. Going from 0 to 1. Every journey is different and what works for one founder might not work for another but I wish I got to hear some of these stories before I embarked on my start-up journey. Ask me (or the AJVC team) about podcasting, startups, fundraising or anything else. PS: We also feature early-stage companies in the last 5 mins of the show. Get in touch if you are launching and would like the talk about our product.
Hosted by @mazin_b and @aviralbhatnagar , 'Founders Unfiltered' gives you a closer look at what Founders at early-stage companies learned building.
Loved the unfiltered stories and questions asked. @mazin_b good work!
Thanks, glad you enjoyed it.
I really enjoy everything that ajvc puts out. Shoutout to the incredible team!
@raj_shah8 thanks a lot really appreciate the shoutout.