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The test is cool, but an entire mobile app for it looks like a huge overkill. I think, the web version, or a chat-bot could a much better choice (i think all hype is exactly about ability to avoid writing a huge app for little things).
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@elen_ranyar thanks for trying the app. We'll definitely work soon on the web version, it's indeed a good idea. The app wasn't such an overkill though, we don't think it's a huge app, it's something that our colleagues built in 5 days. See we have tech bootcamps for our junior developers that end up with a small assignment app before joining the founders and Startups we work with through Hidden Founders. We try to brainstorm small ideas for that matter and come up with something that could be useful for the community. Obviously it is also our main Marketing channel. Would mind sharing your results with us :)?
@kachchani Sure:) 70% When i sad overkill, i meant it's too heavy from customer's point of view: you have to go to appstore, probably enter a password, wait for downloading, open an app, and finally go (also it takes place on home screen, and once you probably would have to uninstall it). Or you can go to a website and start the test, without long onboarding. So, i think you'll have much bigger audience with the web version. Good luck!
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@elen_ranyar understood, definitely agree!
@elen_ranyar I see your point for the web version. Still, chat bots are annoying for most people and having an app give you more flexibility to make great UX.
@sychedelix Agree. Chatbot is just an option, and definitely not better than web app. But still, i think, that for this particular product long onboarding experience is worse, than absence of custom UI.
Hey guys this is Yassine from Hidden Founders, maker of the app. I've always been a big fan of PG like most of us here. was my first contact with the Startup world and I'm glad I learned my basics there. Through Founders Test we hope to point more wannabe founders to Paul's essays. Sure we all agree that there are no shortcuts in this field, but at least when you check the knowledge box before diving in your learning curve pace picks up significantly. Feedback, edits, grammar corrections or new question suggestions are very welcome. We are counting on the PH community to feed the app with patterns and lessons learned so that more and more first time founders can gauge their Startup reflexes.
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Nice idea. The problem with these kinds of 'tests' is that no matter what, you end up providing the answers that lean towards the final outcome you are looking for. I think its really hard to answer these completely truthfully. Maybe it has to do how the questions are phrased. I wonder if the questions were totally different and not straightforward but the critical thinking in choosing those answers showed signs of certain traits that came to an answer.
@bentossell Hey ben, you’re right, launching a tech Startup is no exact science. Each context, stage, challenge requires a set of specific decisions. But still, there are best case practices that proved to be highly effective in most of the situations. Reason why, in the test there is no right or wrong answer. We gave to each answer a coefficient that is representative to how far or close it is from the field agreed-upon best practice advice. Paul graham’s essays are, in our opinion, one of the best sources of Startup knowledge in our age. Reason why we’ve built Q&As around his essays. We’re looking forward to feedback around specific questions. That way we can improve the test till it becomes that app you forward to your friend who wants to jump and launch a product.
@madiocci yeh, I wasn't saying that. I was saying that with q&a style tests like this, its never going to be a fair (and therefore accurate) result. You know going in that you are taking this test to 'see if you are founder ready' - and in your heart/mind you probably already have a conclusion. But its always nice to have confirmation from something external. So this means that if you actually think you are ready then its likely you'll pick the answers that you feel will most likely give you that final answer - whether that answer actually is what you realistically should say or not. I guess its kind of like deciding between two things and flipping a coin. You know, no matter what side the coin lands on, what you will actually want to do. If it lands on one side and you're happy about the decision then thats what you wanted, if it lands on the other side and you are not happy. you still know what you wanted.
@bentossell yes you hit the spot we've been mainly discussing when thinking of the app. "its likely you'll pick the answers that you feel will most likely give you that final answer" we've made it hard to do so. I'm sure you tried the the app and saw that on the four answers suggested, there is none which seems accurate. It all considers thinking on a specific situation. Keep in mind that the target is first time founders who are not familiar with Startup patterns that most experienced people know by heart, that startuping is counter intuitive, and that the test is meant to stimulate founders brain in contextual challenges. At least that's what we're trying to do. With your help and the contribution of the community we can iterate on the questions & the test structure to make it better and most importantly harder to crack.
The app looks good and although I was 100% convinced of @bentossell comments about answering what we feel is the right way to get the final wanted result, I must admit answers were well phrased. Much smarter way to source projects from people with no technical skills than approaching them with the common BS. An even better designed app would make the trick more powerful in my personal opinion @madiocci
@julien_vicente Definitly, we'll be iterating on this V1 till we find the right formula. Once done, we'll definitely work on a better design !
I really liked this app especially that it's inspired from YC/PG writings. That would be great if the next version integrates more stuff from YC Playbook and have a UX like Google Primer.
@sychedelix We'll be definitely working on that. The idea is to keep on nurturing the app with additional resources tackling new challenges founders face in the early days. Your design feedback is duly noted , thanks ! Curious about your result though @sychedelix :)