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Hey product hunters, my name is Tzachi and I'm the co-founder of Founders Nation. We build Founders Nation for people that want to build great startups and want to find the perfect co-founders. Our biggest success story so far is Arthur Vainer and Sharon Savariego that met in Founders Nationand now their startup Mobilize raises $1.2M :) We'd love your feedback! Tzachi
@ynextz Very cool! I'll ask the question I imagine everyone is thinking: literally every single person featured in the home page carousel is "Biz Dev looking for Coder" and most of the example people in the rows below are BD people too—how are you getting around the "I have an idea and just need a technical person to build it" problem others have had when trying to connect founders?
@thetylerhayes Thanks a lot man! About your question, well, the situation in Founders Nation is pretty similar to the real world :) more people with ideas that are searching for technical guys to joined them. The beautiful thing in the platform is that you can search for the technical guys more easily and contact them directly (and 100% free!). In order to address this in Founders Nation we have formed a few partnerships with more "technical" institutions/ programs/ accelerators to help more co-founders to find a technical co-founder. Also, in our monthly meetups (London - http://www.meetup.com/startupsat... ; Israel - http://www.meetup.com/FoundersNa...) we are trying to bring more technical co-founders to make the balance better. BTW guys - we are searching for more people to join us as meetups organizers in their cities (like Founders Nation ambassadors), you can contact us in this email: office@founders-nation.com. Thanks for all the supports. We love product hunters! @ynextz
@founders-nation @ynextz That's awesome and smart, thanks for answering. I like that you have monthly meetups. I think one of the big things missing from a lot of founder matching communities is, well, community. The #1 thing we'd always recommend to new community builders at Disqus was just to step into the conversation. It really is that simple. Same with @rrhoover in building PH—just talk with people. At the end of the day you're simply looking to connect people. Any way you can do that 👍 p.s. BTW, it's just the tiniest thing but from one Internet lover to another, I'd suggest considering replacing the word "guys" in your vocabulary with "people" in this context. Like saying "hey guys!" to a group of people is often OK but when referring to "technical guys" I think it's more inclusive to say "technical people" since, after all, not all technical people are men ;) Again, just a suggestion and my opinion, and thanks for doing the hard work to help bring people together over awesome ideas!
@ynextz I love the idea, but don't like the execution. There are too many search results at once what makes the page slow and sometimes unresponsive- introducing paging system would be a good idea. Furthermore, on safari I cannot select 'who is' dropdown- but it works on Chrome. I'm also missing the ability to search by industry, because there is a huge skill difference between mobile and web developers. Also, it took me a while after I noticed that I can click on grayed out dots on someone's card(elevator pitch->stage of the idea...). I thought i had to message them or something to make them active. To sum up, I'm really glad that you managed to get some traction already. Good luck, I think the more platforms like your the better.
@mzygar Thanks man. We are working on a new version to give a better experience.

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