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#2 Product of the DayJune 21, 2018

Founders Belt is a highly curated directory for every stage of your startup

  • Carlos Lei Santos
    Carlos Lei SantosFounder @

    Really well curated list of resources


    Can't find

    This website just made me finally close all my tabs and became my home page. Nothing else to say.

    Carlos Lei Santos has used this product for one day.
  • Pedro Lopes
    Pedro LopesFounder @ Infinitebook

    The timeline navigation was really well thought. It's not overwhelming on products, each category have just a handful of them.


    None so far

    Again, the timeline is super useful to find the right product for the right stage. Great curated list of tools.

    Pedro Lopes has used this product for one day.
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Daniel Lobo
Daniel LoboMaker@dlobosilva
Hi ProductHunters 🙌, FoundersBelt is a curated directory of resources and tools by stage to help you build your startup 💪. We break a startup typical lifecycle into 9 stages: Learning, Prototyping, Launching, Metrics, Traction, Team, Economics, Growth and Scale. Within each stage, we selected a bunch of tools grouped by relevant categories for that stage💥. But the tools are not enough, at FoundersBelt you can find a selection of books and publications from relevant entrepreneurs, growth hackers to VC's sharing their experiences in the entrepreneurial world. The list isn't complete and never will so feel free to share your tools of choice or newcomers to make the life easier for future entrepreneurs.📣
Duane Wilson✌️
Duane Wilson✌️Pro@helloduane · Product : Design & Development
@dlobosilva Neat! What's your plan to make money? How does this stay alive and grow?
Daniel Lobo
Daniel LoboMaker@dlobosilva
Thanks, @helloduane. Founders Belt is a side project to help entrepreneurs find new tools to help their businesses. Our goal is to introduce really great tools to help startups build and grow their products. Found a new tool or a great publication could be a game changer to grow our businesses and provide a bunch of new ideas in many areas, from streamline our work or even grow and retain our user base. This is the goal of Founders Belt. Maybe in the near future, and this is definitively in our plans, we can share what tools successful entrepreneurs and startups are using to build their businesses. I’m sure the Product Hunt community would love to hear which tools @rrhoover and Product Hunt team use to build this community.
Harry Strick
Harry Strick@harrystrick
@dlobosilva Great directory! You should look into getting some services added like Ranked ( included.
Dani Olympi
Dani Olympi@daniolympi · Developer
This looks great! Really beautifully done, love being able to toggle between stages.
ronsheridan@ronsheridan · Startup Wannabe
I was immediately struck by the innovative UX. Seems like this may already be cut above the other players in the overcrowded landscape. Looking forward to diving in deeper.
Helder Lucas
Helder LucasMaker@hfalucas · CTO, Atiiv
@ronsheridan Thank you 😊
Peter Bauer
Peter Bauer@peter_bauer
Also do you know how I can add resources?
Daniel Lobo
Daniel LoboMaker@dlobosilva
@peter_bauer we'll be happy to hear your suggestions and add them to Founders Belt. You just need to fulfill the typeform in the footer ( or follow this link 👉 )
Olav@oschettler ·
The design with the blowing-up teasers makes me seasick
Helder Lucas
Helder LucasMaker@hfalucas · CTO, Atiiv
@oschettler thanks for your feedback. This is a thing we need to change in a near future 👍