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Looks very cool. Recommending to founders and investors.
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@charlesjo hey thanks Charles Jo, you the man
@charlesjo We appreciate the support Charles nothing but love for SSG
Sounds cool! It'd also be great to have more details re the community! I'm sure a lot of people will also want to know how it's similar and different to AngelList.
@manasvinik well this app is made to pitch and demo your product with a 2 min or less video. By design we are different, its a feed of pitches and we curate it daily similar to PH. We are a complimenting product to AngelList, maybe one day a VC can invest in a startup right in our app?
@manasvinik We definitely look at Founderfox as being complimentary to AngelList. It's similar in that you're putting your product out there for everyone to see, and that there is an investor community. However, we wanted to build a mobile first solution with a beautiful design. We also used video so its easy for investors and angels with limited time to easily browse your pitches and instantly reach out to you via email. Last but not least, community. We are working on features for commenting and messaging so that we can create a strong community where people can offer advice, feedback, collaborate etc. I don't really feel like AngelList has that community. They've done a great job doing what they do, but I definitely don't feel a sense of community when I go on there.
@_mitchellporter now coming to product question. How R u planning to get investors on board? Are all pitches publicly available?
@sridhar_kondoji @manasvinik We already have some VC's and Angels using the app, as for onboarding new ones that will happen through sheer hustle on our end and word of mouth. All pitches are available publicly to anyone who enters the app. As a founder, you can always re-record your video, or edit your fields later if you need to update your pitch.
@koridhandy @manasvinik can we upload a video commercial?
First off, thanks to Josue for hunting us. We're very excited to share Founderfox with you guys. We felt like there was a need for a simple way for founders to pitch their products, and also instantly connect them with potential VC's and Angels. Video is such a great medium, and everyone can get a "feel" for the founders and what they're like. Video will also make it easy for investors to browse your pitches since it's an auto-playing feed they can quickly scroll. We're aiming to kill off some of the boring email pitches that just go straight to spam or never get opened in the first place. We also had a lot of fun building this. Getting mobile video right is very challenging, and it was a grind getting it perfect, but it was worth it and I really hope you guys enjoy it. This is just v1, and we're excited to add new features to help foster more of a community with things like comments and messaging. For any Product Hunters that post pitches, feel free to ping me on Twitter or reach out to me via email (mitchell@founderfox.io) and I'll be happy to put your pitch at the top of the list. Also any general feedback, advice, etc. is welcome. We want to hear what you guys want, because at the end of the day this product means nothing without you guys. Cheers!
@_mitchellporter I'm psyched to see this on @producthunt ! As a droid user, I'll have to hit up my iphone-using co-founders tomorrow to see it in action. Thanks so much for the generous offer to help product hunters get visibility on their pitches! I can't wait to see who's up there tomorrow.
@daniloebs Thanks Dani, Android is on the way thanks for being patient and let us know what you think of the app when you get a chance to try it out thanks!
Played around with this in Beta. Great concept, idea and execution.
@husseinyahfoufi Thanks Hussein glad you liked it!