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Tough market, how does this differentiate from the other apps out there?
@bentossell Good question Ben, I think it's different from crowd-based curators in that it's not as influenced by sensational/clickbait-y stuff like charts usually are. Also the mix of people FounderFeed gathers info from is a good balance between tech and non-tech — so it breaks the reader out of the filter bubbles of their social networks. Perfect for founders and startup managers. Explain it a bit more in this piece (under its old name, FounderFuego):
@herbertlui @bentossell "not as influenced by sensational/clickbait-y stuff" -Explain numerous US politics related posts. I as a founder don't care about Hillary Clinton, truly and honestly don't care about White house. I just care about new products and new technologies, is that too much to ask, or does it make you less money ? Either change the bussines model depending on the clickbaity stuff, or just exit right now, becaouse this way it's hard to suceed.
@edinvejzovic @bentossell Actually it's not profit-driven at all. There's no business model as we don't make money off FounderFeed, it's just a fun experiment. We built FF on top of Nieman Lab's OpenFuego ( — so basically it follows 15 people we specify and everyone they follow, and pick up the most circulated links from that group. On a more macro note though, we deliberately went outside of the usual suspects to try to signal boost insightful pieces. It's part of the point. So we'll have pieces about Chamath calling out startups (, we also hope to bring up more pieces about security (, an explanation of clickbait in journalism (, and Tony Fadell trying to build his company ( Some directly relevant to entrepreneurs, some more macro issues that don't get thought about enough — all are important!
I like it alot, but please less American politics. Clearly nothing to do with technology. Don't use it becaouse it's a growing trend, can there be at least one place without politics on the web ?