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We created FounderDating Discuss because entrepreneurs at every stage need a trusted community of people to pose questions to big and small. They can range from "which CRM system should we use?" to "How do you train a sales team?" Either way, FD:Discuss is a community of entrepreneurs and advisors willing to tell you what they did when faced with something similar. We've seen crazy engagement - 95% response rate and the answers roll in quickly. What I love about this is entrepreneurs (and advisors) helping entrepreneurs. Plus, who are we kidding, entrepreneurship is lonely. It’s pretty to awesome to have a community to go to. Anyone can join and consume, search the already deep knowledge base or post a new discussion (no recruiting!). Enjoy!
@jalter congrats on the launch! what series of events inspired the launch of FD discuss? Have you known for a while you wanted to launch? Also, how do you try to connect entrepreneurs offline - do you guys do events?
@jalter @eriktorenberg Connecting founders offline? I feel obligated to mention then (iPhone only).
@eriktorenberg thanks! we saw the community wanting to talk 1:many, in addition to 1:1. Often entrepreneurs and their teams have questions that are better suited to collect the wisdom of the crowd because few entrepreneurial experiences are the same so you want several opinions and then you form your own. We've worked hard to keep the quality high and set the standard (like PH). Entrepreneurs connect offline in two ways: 1) on their own - they are busy and like to control their own schedules - same with advisors 2) for the cofounder portion of the network only we hold quarterly kickoff events in about 12-13 cities around the world - from tel aviv to SF. Our ManagingDirectors lead those (kudos to them, they are awesome).
I have found the discussions on a Founder Dating Discuss to be invaluable. There was a great one about the difference between a CTO and a technical cofounder that I found enlightening.
This reminds me a lot of the old onstartups community (the first entrepreneur section of stack overflow). It was killed for lack of traffic, unfortunately. Now I can name at least 3 such SO-inspired sites, diluting the community even further.
@alain94040 diluting which community?
Why so much spam?