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by Ben Tossell (No-coder 👉

Hello again, PH community! Founder Thunder Round is a new video web series featuring 10 founders in each episode answering 1 question. Why? Podcast interviews with experienced founders can be very enlightening for others building their own companies. Problem is, the episodes can last an hour long, and only contain 3 or 4 nuggets. Plus, they only give one person’s experience, presented as the sole truth within that episode. I wanted a video web series where each episode focused in on one topic, and presented a range of perspectives from experienced founders. I wanted each episode to be short, because I’m busy building my own company; I don’t have hours every week to listen to podcasts. Finding nothing like it, I did what all makers do: I made it. In this first episode, our ten founders answer the question, “How did you know you were on to something big?” If you want to binge, in the second episode, they discuss how long it took them to start making “real money”. And in the third - my favorite - I ask them, “What does success mean to you, personally?” (this one caught a few off guard). This web series is made for you, the founder too busy building your own thing to listen to hours of podcasts a week. Each episode will be short, and insight packed, featuring up to 10 of the most interesting founders, all answering 1 question or speaking to the same topic. The purpose is to provide you with the actionable insights, inspiration, and authentic perspective so you can take your work to the next level. Be sure to hit subscribe on the site to stay up to date!
@alexobenauer As I mentioned to you this is great.. The focus on a single question for each episode and diversity of founders is a fantastic format. Looking forward to future videos and questions. When will we see a video with your responses?
@timftutt Thanks for the kind words! > When will we see a video with your responses? You know, I originally planned on being on at the end synthesizing some of the thoughts, patterns, or disagreements that came up in the episode. But then I thought maybe I should leave that up to the viewer; they're hearing from a bunch of different perspectives, and I thought I should give them the freedom to formulate most of their own takeaways, identify their own patterns, instead of honing them in on mine. That said - making this series is a lot of fun - and in having these conversations, and watching the recordings over and over again, I've learned a lot more than I expected. At some point I need to package that all up somehow. So on that, I think I can say "stay tuned."