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Nice logo!
@malditojavi Thanks! is responsible. He's great.
Over the past 10 years of building businesses, I've come across a lot helpful content. This weekly publication is a way to help share all of that stuff.
@Shpigford Thanks for doing it Josh!
@Shpigford Surprised you have the time for this :)
@shpigford looks like it's dead? No archive?
@chrismessina Dead indeed, I'm afraid. Was hosted on Curated, which we didn't want to pay for in the URLs don't work anymore. :(
Just signed up! Please don't make me unsubscribe :)
@misteryu1029 I'll do my best. :) Thanks Kevin!
Absolutely love the branding on this. Can't wait for it to land in my inbox. Any chance of a sneaky peak, what's your favourite piece of content from the first issue @Shpigford?
Awesome! Just subscribed.
@vingar Thanks so much Vinish!