Founder Rewind

Watch interviews of founders in their early days ⏪

Founder Rewind is a curated directory of founder interviews from their early days.

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Hey PH! Hope you enjoy this project we put together over the weekend. Founder Rewind is a curated set of video-interviews of founders from "the early days." I really like watching these types of videos, as they are an awesome reminder of how big things often started very small and how raw ambition is uniquely powerful. Tried to include a diverse set of perspectives but know we are missing some. Let us know what you think and who we are missing. What are your favorites 😃
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@jrdngonen nice to see a good bit of diversity in there! 💪🏻
@jrdngonen you're missing this gem from zuck
@jrdngonen @tomfme Adding this right away!
Wow, nostalgic. I hope I didn't say anything stupid back then. 🤷‍♂️
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@rrhoover just kept talking about cats for some reason!
@rrhoover your love for cats is unconditional, very cute.
@rrhoover If you weren't talking about cats, I'd thought you were applying to Hogwarts 😄
I binge watched all the videos and felt like this was one of the most productive days @rrhoover What would be your advice to people like me who are starting their journey in the tech industry? Is there a platform where people like you can mentor the round of dreamers 😄
@aarav_kapoor glad to hear! Once upon a time, @dustin started a project called Out of Office Hours to help connect up-and-comers with a mentor. The project is on ice (afaik) but maybe there's an opportunity to bring something like it back. I'd love to explore how PH could be involved, maybe through some creative integration (we have an API!).
This one is really interesting. I am bookmarking this. Hope you keep adding more founders and interviews to this database. Are you going to monetize this website? If yes, then what are your plans?
@siddharth_mungekar1 no plans to monetize as of now! 😃 enjoy
This is a neat idea. We already devour the latest content from many of these founders, it's cool to have a way to get to their earliest days. Helps you relate more to the how human they were. Congrats on the launch!
Great job! Will check it out!
@oliverriechert thanks oliver!!