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Lovely work and I love the idea! It would be great to see a bit more diversity. 90% of the people you've included are white dudes. ✌️
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@de yeah would love to know the current diversity split and plans for expansion here. Love the idea here :)
@de thanks for pointing it out, Dan, this is totally spot on and helpful. We asked our audience and let them decide the names but definitely starting to improve the list based on your feedback. super appreciated 👌
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thanks @bentossell, happy to hear if any more thoughts or suggestions as well!
@meseali That's great to hear 😊
Hey guys! Super excited to get this out the door today! If you're anything like us and simply can't get enough of their essays, hopefully you'll find this tool useful. Of course huge thanks goes to @thisissethsblog @mcuban @rrhoover @fredwilson @ev @chrismessina @sacca @brian_chesky @biz @joelgascoigne @sivers @davemcclure @dhh @randfish @awilkinson @scottbelsky @sarahtavel @msuster @benedictevans @mgsiegler @james_clear @ericries @jason @davemorin @vanschneider @paulg @jasonfried @cdixon @caterina @ftrain @nireyal @bfeld @andrewchen @saranormous @natekontny @garyvee @dharmesh @levie @benchestnut @kevinrose @joshelman @sama @hunterwalk @danielle_morrill @stewart @bhorowitz for inspiring us with their awesome writing! ⚡️🔥 Also want to thank the awesome team behind it, especially @andrewjaustin @charlesdeluvio @shaunroncken @timswn💪 Please let us know what you think (any other name you'd like to see on the list? suggestions to improve the diversity? list expansion, etc.) 🙌
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@meseali Nice work. Great way to keep up with their writing. Just signed up! Would love to see @jaltucher @hnshah @NeilPatel @howardlindzon @robgo @om @satyap @jeremyliew @subes01 @stevenlevy @timoreilly on the list!
@kwdinc great names! thanks for the suggestion Kevin, noted all 🙌
Pretty design!
@meseali @kwdinc Hey I would love to see @simplybastow on this list! ProdPad + MindTheProduct co-founder. Generally also a badass lady writing about product strategy, startups and prod mgmt.
@meseali 👏🏾 Congrats Ali and Crew! Looks like another solid side-project! I'm really finding services that curate the type of content I like super useful. Some interesting examples recently that I've been digging are Hash (news), Hyper (video) and this falls in that category for me under writing.
I hope you guys never stop making cool sh*t. One area I would love to see is an "up & coming" type category. Those who are just getting their footing, writing about their journey and sharing their lessons. Think Alex Turnbull of Groove when he first started blogging about his journey :).
@thetomwhatley thanks for your encouraging comment, Tom 👊 OK, noted, actually this reminds me we wanted to have a similar section at the beginning of the project but it got off the radar somehow. Will get our hands back on it 👍
Dang this is cool 👀 We've all seen how popular curation is to Product Hunters. Heck, even this site itself is built upon the foundation of curation. Often I see replica sites spin up with little differentiation, stash this, stack that, but this, for me at least, is a new spin on keeping up with the writing of some of the most influential founders about. No surprise here that the folks at Crew are behind this. Ali wrote a post that really resonated with me almost a year ago now, "Side Project Marketing Is The New King". He's totally right, and the team at Crew know it. Great job guys 🙌
@fredrivett oh man, seriously, you guys are so supportive - huge thanks from all of us at Crew! Glad that post resonated with you by the way. Thanks for taking time to give this feedback, really appreciate it
@meseali I like creative ways at solving problems from different angles. This is a cool way to keep up to date with the industry leads, your stuff always inspires me on the side project marketing front. Keep it up 👊
Am I the only one who feels that blue color is overriding and itching?
@evivz Yes, why so blue ?