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Discover Business Book Recommendations by CEOs like Elon Musk, Steve Jobs and more.

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Ram Rayavarapu
Ram RayavarapuMaker@ram_rayavarapu · CEO
Hello, Hunters and Makers, We are super excited to present our latest creation Founder Books. Me and my sister have built this to help the readers find Business Book recommendations by successful founders and CEOs. The power and uniqueness of Founder Books come with its data. It is curated from hundreds of founder and CEO interviews broadcasted in various communication channels. You can filter data by Book category, Author Name, Founder or CEO Name. We have presented the Amazon book links for both Hardcover and Audio version of the books so that you can get to reading quickly. We are also testing out our users submit new book recommendations they came across. We are trusting our users, if we see any flow of inaccurate data or spam we may abandon this feature until we figure out a way to validate the data accurately. You no longer need to follow the book recommendation articles on Business Insider and other media companies whom for the most part copy the same 10 to 15 books. Cheers to the love of books and learning! Happy Reading :)