Your personal founders page with purpose, show what you do

Behind every business, are founders wanting to change the world, founder@ is a place for founders to showcase who they are and not just the startup or the resume and to bring more of the worlds founders together.

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Looks awesome. I especially love the minimal and bold UI - super clean! I think a big issue you might face is differentiating your product from other social connectivity websites/apps that also offer the standard engaging and connecting. That being said, best of luck I know I'm going to check it out for sure
Looks like a good upcoming authority site. I signed up.
@elemi_atigolo make sure you fix 404 errors
Loved this. It's like but for founders. In future would love to see curated content from this community in the form of videos & podcasts....
Hi PH Note: We made a bit of a mistake on our listing today as we are in the UK, we posted the listing on Wednesday UK time and the listing was posted on Tuesday on PH instead of Wednesday, we have removed the content. Ok now about founder@ I have had this idea for an about a year and after attending Y Combinator Startup School, I was fortunate to some amazing founders working on some amazing products in many different areas , I thought there was a need for a place for founders to showcase who they are and eventually connect and engage with others , whatever they do, not just tech, but founders of all disciplines.
I have signed up because the concept looks very interesting. But your signup workflow is too complicated: - There are too many options for the Skills and industry fields. I think you can shorten the options to make the process smoother - My username was declined because it contains an underscore. It was not mentioned that it should contain only alphanumeric characters. It is ok but I had to type again my password (and the password confirmation) - On the sign up form, the main Call to action is "Sign in", and near is a very small button to "Sign up". I think you should definitely remove the Sign in button. If users have taken 5 minutes to Sign up, the only button should be to validate their sign up and not loosing all the data they entered by clicking on the big Sign in button ^^ Didn't try to explore the features yet but it looks very promising ;)
@be_mohand Thanks, for the feedback will simplify the workflow to make the process shorter and will also add a note about underscore, will also change the Call to action button. Thanks again