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'Sort by beer price' is genius! :)
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Hi guys, We're uncovering local startup scenes with Founded X every day. Traveling between countries is so easy these these days and working remotely is becoming more popular with trends such as digital nomadism and entrepreneurial retreats. Only starting a business in a foreign country can still be a hassle. We’re going to change that. If you're looking to start up on the other side of the world you can now jump in the Founded X Startup Statistics and find your perfect startup location. All countries in the world have their own unique advantages and characteristics. With our Startup Stats page you’re able to sort on the cost of starting a business, the availability of a startup visa or the price of a beer. These statistics will help you not only to discover new startup scenes but also become part of them. In the future we will continue to expand its functionality with more information and adding new ways for startup founders to connect worldwide. We've gathered the information together with our entire community and we're thankful for all their efforts! We're very curious to hear what you think about this next step for our platform. Thanks! And don't forget to check out our article on Business Insider:
@mvdheuvel glad to see this live! Was fun being part of it :)
@joshuaoxj It was great to work all together on this. Took some time to get it live but now everybody can use it more conveniently than in the excel that we made ;-)
@mvdheuvel Hey Maarten! Great idea! Didn't find Ukraine in the list. Do you have plans to add more countries?
@_n1ks Yes for sure. If you're interested please apply at to help us out to get Founded in Ukraine on the road :-)
@mvdheuvel @_n1ks Ukraine added , check the Spread sheet from Starup Stats Page ! Yes we have plan to cover up the whole world . Invite your friends join with us ! Thanks
Super interesting! And I imagine really useful for a ton of people. How are you determining the ease of *starting up*? What is that based on? Also, are the areas color coordinated in a certain way or are these random colors? Couldn't find a legend.
@imcatnoone Thanks Cat. The Founded X community has 'startup curators' in each of these countries. They've chosen an appropriate color for their country (for example orange for Holland). We try to use as much sources as possible to verify all the data. The 'ease of startup up' is based upon a few measures: ease of funding, cost of living, etc. And ultimately checked by the local curator. Check out all the local lists on
Love the sort by beer price, added some stats for Bulgaria
@chrisgeorgiev Thanks! We'll check and add your suggestions asap.
Worth noting - 97% of product hunters are outside SF, almost 50% outside of the US