Founded X

A tribute to all innovative local startups in a country

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Very cool, check out all Startups that are "Founded in Holland" for example. "All countries in the world have their own unique advantages and characteristics. Starting a business in each of these places requires exceptional courage and persistence. The lists presented by Founded X are a tribute to all innovative startups that are proud of their local roots." If you want to represent your country and make a list of innovative local startups you can apply on the site. Maybe @mvdheuvel can answer some Q's?
Thanks for submitting Founded X @bramk! We started Founded in Holland because we felt that Dutch startups weren't noticed internationally. The responses were great, both in Holland and international. There are awesome innovators in many 'underdog' startup scenes all over the world (such as Holland, South Africa and Romania). That's when we launched Founded X. If there are any questions, shoot em, I'll do my best to answer them all.
@mvdheuvel Nice! We're proud to be apart of it.
@mvdheuvel @bramk Hello, I like your service! How do you decide which startups to be published on the site? Do you set guidelines? Are they different among countries?
@noriko_wonders @bramk We do indeed set guidelines, they're published directly under de logos on the list. Although they're different among countries we all curate startups based on the level of innovation.
@darenfuchs Happy to have you Daren!
@mvdheuvel @bramk I found it. Okay, thank you!
Some background information about Founded X
@mvdheuvel @bramk Love the idea, the design and the execution ! Good work !! I just requested the startup kit for "Founded in France" :)
Thanks @SkyWiiz. We will review all applications and get back to you with the starting kit asap!
Awesome idea! Reminded me to "Made in NYC". I love initiatives that improve the tech scene's visibility. @mvdheuvel did you consider letting people create lists for cities as well? I think a lot of startup communities are organized on a city and not on a national level.
@BiasCsongor Thanks! We were actually inspired by Made in NYC ourselves, we even made a reference to it on our local page (, where it all started. Most startup lists that are already out there are actually focused on cities. And by focusing on cities you tend to fixate on a few major startup hubs. While there are often many innovative startups in other parts of the country. That's why we chose to limit ourselves to countries (or states maybe?) for now. A tribute to the 'underdog' startup scenes out there.