Founded in Holland

A tribute to innovative startups with Dutch roots!

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It ain't much if it ain't Dutch! Check out this list to discover innovative startups from the Netherlands, they're adding more startups as we speak!
Thanks for the massive interest in our initiative! We've already received 100+ request to join, which we'll add soon! Feel free to submit your own startup to the list. We understand your decision, @rrhoover. Although we would've topped the list today ;-), it's indeed not a real product. We're very enthusiastic about your plan to do a Holland-founded collection of startups soon. Maybe we can even do a partnership on that one?
This post has been hidden from the homepage because it's not really a product.. (can't argue with that). I understand where @rrhoover is coming from although I do think the world should see how awesome The Dutch (startups) are ;)
@bramk I hate to be a party pooper and the judge of what should or shouldn't be on PH (we're adding some things to empower the community to better surface what should get attention). We have to be careful not to get too off topic from products (which I know is vaguely defined, in part to encourage more serendipity). We'll feature a Holland-based collection of startups in the coming weeks. :)
Gotta upvote this one :) Can a Singapore-based startup founded by 2 Dutch guys be on the list too?
@PieterPaul Haha think so! you should tweet them @foundedinholland :)