Foundbite for iOS

Explore and share the sounds of the world

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Thanks for posting Bill! Hi everyone, one of the developers here. We just launched our iPhone app today. Foundbite allows you to capture and share the sounds of the world along with a photo to give them context. In the app you can also explore a map of the world and hear sounds other users have uploaded there! Here's some examples of photos and sounds users have uploaded (made into video files so they can be embedded here):
You can also view some more on our home page! Would love to hear your thoughts and get your feedback!
I didn't quite understand the "why" of the app, but after I checked out the examples I have to admit it's pretty cool! Something different.
@hazzajay thanks Hari. We hope we can make more people to be aware of the sounds of the world around them. Sound makes up a large part of our experiences and is really immersive, especially with some good headphones, so it's a shame people don't share and capture it more. Hope we can change that :)
This is pretty cool!
A really cool app, what do you think is next for foundbite? What can we look forward to?
@haris_adu cheers Haris, we're quite keen to add collections. So if you're taking a trip or going exploring then you can group sounds together to make a story from the sounds you heard and captured along the way. That and improved chat/commenting in the app are out next priorities :)
Fantastic app -- top example is really powerful.