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James Mundy
James MundyMaker@_jamesmundy · Building interesting things with code
Hi Product Hunters, finally posting a product that I've worked on with @alfiewoodland for the last year or so. Foundbite is an network that allows you to share and explore the sounds of the world with others. As well as having a feed and a profile, you can explore a map/soundscape of the world, find a place you're interested in and to listen to sounds that have been recorded there. It's a really quite a cool way to get a feel for a place! After some early experimentation we discovered that we needed to include photos to give the sound some context as to what was happening at the time but we've certainly found the still photos still leave something to the imagination and allow your mind to wander. People have been using Foundbite to capture the sounds of nature, sports events and music. Here are some great examples: Venice at Sunset: Street Music in New Orleans: Bullet train in Taiwan: Lighthouse on Rhode Island: Stokeswood playing in Atlanta: A mountain stream in Italy: I think it's about time a social network was made involving sound, we're giving it a punt! Let me know if you've got any questions!
George Spyrou
George Spyrou@gspyrou · Software Engineer
@_jamesmundy Hello James , do you have any plans for a Windows 10 Universal app for Foundbite ?
James Mundy
James MundyMaker@_jamesmundy · Building interesting things with code
@gspyrou hey George, when Windows 10 is released we do, but we'll be working on iOS first. Our new WP8.1 app should continue to be fine for Windows 10.
Alfie Woodland
Alfie WoodlandMaker@alfiewoodland · Developer
Hi everyone! I see James has already introduced me - I've been developing the Foundbite website and app for Android over the last six months. This is a seriously exciting time for us, but we're still working extremely hard on all aspects of Foundbite and would love your thoughts and feedback.
Marc Marius Mueller
Marc Marius Mueller@muellermm · User Experience Specialist
I really like the idea behind the app, and I believe the way you have done it is a really interesting approach. I enjoy seeing the map and having a bit of context (especially with the photography as well). Navigating the map is a little odd (it took me a few tries to fully understand how the foundbite icon works on the map). I think a different search functionality will be nice in the future. But admittedly, I think your exploration functionality is a nice differentiator and to me it makes perfect sense to launch with it, instead of with a "traditional" tag + search box approach. Occasionally, when I navigate back (browser back button), a sound from a previous location keeps playing, with the new sound being "overlaid", which gets pretty messy. (happening in Safari on OSX) Overall, I'm pretty excited for this to grow and immediately signed up to be notified when the iOS version comes out. Best of luck!
James Mundy
James MundyMaker@_jamesmundy · Building interesting things with code
@muellermm thanks Marc, really appreciate your feedback - definitely some exciting times ahead! We're aiming to start work on iOS pretty soon and get it out around November (though estimates are hard to make) - will keep you posted.
James Mundy
James MundyMaker@_jamesmundy · Building interesting things with code
@muellermm Hey Marc, Just to let you know we just launched on iOS today and we are back on Product Hunt :)
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