Interviews with amazing founders, hosted by Kevin Rose

I'm a big fan of internet-based TV/podcasts, especially (geeky) interviews with startup founders. A few of my favorites: Episode 11 with betaworks' @Borthwick Episode 34 with Twitter/Medium's @ev Episode 34 with Circa's @mg
really deep, awesome interviews. i'm a big fan of the following episodes: biz stone interview - chris sacca interview - @sacca matt galligan interview - @mg tony conrad interview - @tonysphere also the random show with tim ferriss:
Kevin is not an interviewer. He is like (or actually) a friend to most of the interviewees. This is why people feel at ease (allowing themselves to say more), and this is what makes Foundation special.
About two years ago this series was the gateway drug for getting me addicted with startup founder interviews. It's still one of the best! I like how Kevin always asks about the guest's life before the company. Some favorites: Episode 7: Chris Sacca - @sacca Episode 17: Scott Harrison (CEO charity: water) - @scottharrison Episode 36: Tony Fadell (CEO Nest and "father" of the iPod) - @tfadell
I just wish they were still making episodes. Such great content.
@alwaysunday They are! Latest one is Episode 41 with @biz
@daniellenewnham @biz Oh, snap! When did they start recording again?