Found them First

Spotify's new app to determine if you found a band first

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Finally, I feel validated! But would love to compare myself to specific friends. In particular, really need to prove to a friend that I found MisterWives before he did...
Fun idea. Not sure how they determine "pre vs. post-breakout" artists though. I signed in and apparently I found ODESZA, Cashmere Cat, LOGIC, Glass Animals, Made in Heights, and Capital Cities. Bug report: When I click the playlist they generate at the end, it doesn't seem to do anything.
Spotify is generally post-breakout in my experience. All the songs on the playlist they generated for me are more than six months old. I do love how they build these mini-sites to help people get deeper into the Spotify catalogue. I just hunted The Sorting Hat (, which (IMO) is one of the better ways to explore Spotify's newer additions each week.
@dshan What Derek said. But I am really glad to see Spotify at least recognizing that they don't often feature break out artists. It's pretty much my whole premise behind A Song A Day (same for Music Geeks, of course), but I would love to see Spotify do a better job introducing emerging artist. Glad to see they're kinda / sorta trying. :)
@shannnonb @rrhoover Alongside Sorting Hat, McDonald powers 3 emerging playlists that can be interesting every once in a while, called The Needle. Explanation here: The 'Underground" Needle: Spotify's acquisition of Echo Nest, to me, brought in some great geeky music minds, and we're gradually seeing cool stuff from the marriage of the two.
@rrhoover generating the playlist worked for me but Chrome did block the popup initially.
@dshan I second that. Many of the artists which are currently topping Soundcloud charts (for example) .. or take hypem don't have their stuff released via Spotify. In that line of thought it might be determine who found them first. That being said - kudos for the little additions coming out for Spotify. Few months after the release of Tidal and Beats music, I'm still very, very far from switching.
At 22 artists under 10%, I'd like to get free swag, music, and concert tickets to validate my taste in music as well as lord said melodic preferences over my coworkers and friends. Let's call that 2.0. Also, I positively adore this product.
Sadly I have not discovered any breakout artists yet (probably because I'm still desperately clinging onto the bands from my youth), but Spotify helpfully suggested a playlist of emerging artists that I could listen to.
@riaface haha lol, if this is where music is headed to... then I guess it has a sad future. Check out my last hunt Ria :o
That's very good. I'm really impressed with what Spotify are doing with their 'Discovery' stuff at the moment (I got in early with Lorde, Bastille and CHVRCHES apparently)