A new way to explore the web (an advanced Wikipedia)

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This site looks really well designed. They created it thinking how Wikipedia could be redesigned. The site is launching today exclusively to the Product Hunt community!
@_jacksmith Thanks a lot Jack for posting about Founch here! I would like to tell you that we worked a lot on design as Wikipedia sucks a lot in it due to which people just prefer to read only 2-3 lines there.
Hey, PH community! I am a big fan of you guys and I am super excited to present my product in front of you. I'm here to listen to every mistake we have done in our product and to answer Why we are building it. In short, Founch is a platform where we are combining the Information and Entertainment together to beautifully present you the most relevant stuff under a single shed. Currently, it's live for Hollywood Celebs Category only and soon we will be launching it for all categories that are present on Wikipedia. If you have any questions regarding our product then you can also mail me at
It really a great product. lots of information at one place now i dont have to go at wiki and other sources. All the best guys :)
@ankit07dhawan Thanks a lot Ankit :)
This is awesome. One place to consume all the possible information. Ques 1. Are you competing with Google or Wikipedia? Ques 2. When will other categories be launched?
@mohitmamoria Ans 1. For now we are competing with IMDb and but yup in long term we will be Ans 2. We are working hard on them, so they will be launched soon.
I loved the product you guys have done exceptionally good. loved the design, love the concept. Very best luck for the future guys.