An analogue camera in your iPhone

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One of the most poetic web projects have seen for months ! Just downloaded it, and will take my first "real" pictures for years ! Thank you for making something meaningful so cool !
@monsieurbarbier Haha, that's great! We try to inspire. Thank you for support!
Mais pourquoi? Thoughts @chrismichel?
@elizabethhunker @chrismichel Hi Elizabeth, thank you for your comment. We made Fotr, because we wanted bring more joy and surprise to iPhone photography.
@sloboda and you really did! :)
@lpkova 20% joy, 80% surprise! :D #blackphotosmatter #everyphotomatters
It's a really cool idea; but 20.- for 24 pics is to much: I can shoot real film for this price. Cut the price by half and I'm in!
@jonas_petermann Hi Jonas, youre right. I shoot film as well and its $5 film, $5 developing, $5 for prints. You can't get any cheaper unless you develop and print yourself. That takes some skill and time, but its definitely worth it! Believe it or not, with Fotr we tried to push the prices as low as possible. The biggest cost comes with shipping, as we wanted flat rate for the whole world. On iPhone you can find a cheaper printing service such as Freeprints, Snapfish or Walgreens, but you will loose the analogue experience.
There's something to it. Very retro. Makes you think about every shot. A bit like using my old Hasselblad. But with AF and AE ;) May try it on my next city trip.
@mikeseeh Thank you for your feedback! Yes, Fotr makes you think and decide when it's the right time to use it. I love my FM2n, but sometimes it was unpractical to carry it around.