Restores privacy by preventing swipe-throughs in your photos

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Tony DeFranco
Tony DeFrancoMaker@tony_defranco · FotoFreeze
Hey everyone! I'm happy to have FotoFreeze featured on Product Hunt. I just wanted to give a quick break down of the app and give you a better idea of what it does. It's a very simple idea that solves a common problem. I'm sure most of us have shown someone a photo on our phones only to have them keep swiping through. FotoFreeze allows you to select the photo or video that you want to show that person, freeze it, and then feel comfortable knowing they can only see that photo or video. Once you freeze a photo, swiping becomes disabled until you unfreeze it and enter your password/Touch ID. I use this every single time I show someone a photo on my phone. Another feature that we added is Administrative mode. This allows you to restrict which photos show up on your albums when you first open FotoFreeze. To hide the photos, you simply press the lock icon on the top right, enter your password/Touch ID, find the photos you want to hide and swipe up. This locks them and they will only become visible in Administrative mode. I'd be happy to answer any questions that any of you have about the app!
Brian Roach
Brian Roach@anodigital · DJ / Producer @itsBREX
That's actually a really good idea. I could totally use this. No more slipping on letting the festival shenanigans getting settled to when you were just trying to show a pic of your cute dog. I like it.
Tony DeFranco
Tony DeFrancoMaker@tony_defranco · FotoFreeze
@anodigital Thank you! I agree. Sometimes you just want to show your cute dog and nothing else.
Alexandra Heisser
Alexandra HeisserMaker@alexandra_heisser · FotoFreeze
This app is going to change lives. Thank you to all for your support getting it out there!