Take 20x more photos & videos without running out of space

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Use FotoFox to take as many photos and videos as you want without running out of space! How it works when you use FotoFox to take a photo, FotoFox compresses the photo into a smaller version, which takes less than 10% of the space compared to the full-size one. FotoFox will also upload the full-size version onto a private cloud server, so that you can download the full-size one to your phone anytime you want! Features - compressed version only takes 10% space, you can store 10x more photos and videos on your phone - download full-size photos or videos any time you want - completely secure and private - your photos will never be shared - 100% free unlimited cloud storage - start saving space by importing and compressing your existing photos and videos (iOS 8 only)
@ychw Great product! I'm curious: several other startups tried to tackle the photo storage problem, and eventually folded, mainly due to high storage costs (I think everpix was the most prominent of those). How does FotoFox differentiate in terms of business model from those other solutions?
@yoavanaki Thanks for the interest. First of all, storage price will go down in the long run, and the storage price has dropped dramatically over the last two years, e.g. AWS S3 dropped from $0.125/GB/mo to $0.03/GB/mo. Secondly, We are playing with some ideas for premium account now, e.g. we don't need to store all historic photos in hot storage for free users, we can store the most recent 6-month in hot storage and the older to glacier storage (which is even cheaper, $0.01/GB/mo on S3). Let me know if you have further questions.
What makes you different than Carousel by Dropbox? (To start, I notice yours is free, at least for now.)
@kicksopenminds We simplified the experience by combining photo taking and photo uploading. Through talking to users, particular non-tech savvy users, we learned they have a hard time figuring out how to use cloud backup services, and often forgot to use them because it is an extra step of their work flow.
@kicksopenminds @zhencao I think the most unique feature for FotoFox is that it uses fast algorithm to compress your photos to about 5% of original size without losing quality. Just with that, users can already take a lot more pictures without upgrading their device. Cloud backup is a nice addition of FotoFox, but not all about FotoFox.
I just use Autobackup to Google for every photo/video I take and only ever keep the few that I think are really cool on the phone. How would such a product convert someone like me to this service?