Display your digital memories and bring them to life.

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Hey product hunt! This is my good friend product and they are awesome. We have Fotobits all over our offices in different configurations and designs showing off our team. Check it out and let me know what you think. Fotobit is a patent-pending modular frame system designed to display memories captured digitally and bring them to life as wall art. Lightweight frames hold 4” x 4” prints protected by a clear acrylic window. We’ve worked hard to engineer the frame and attachment method so that FotoBit allows for ultimate scalability—going from as small as three frames to as many as your walls can fit. The frames attach together easily and securely with durable clips, allowing for endless possibilities for creatively displaying images and building visual interest on your wall.
This is a cool idea with a retro perspective, maybe a partnership with a photo printing service or device could help you to attract more people.
Great product, but a bit steeply priced for my liking.
Really cool.... I like the scalability. I think there's a huge need to make digital tangible so it can be shared casually .
Great idea, but why is it so expensive?