HTML-JS URL shortener without fancy server side processing

FossURL is simple and easy to use URL Shortener which is written in pure HTML JavaScript and it doesn't need any server side processing which can be even hosted on GitHub/Gitlab Pages

Thanks for hunting, why did you decide to build a URL shortener? @bauripalash
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@abadesi actually i wanted a url shortening Service in my own domain, but commercial programs were costly so I decided to build one myself and with a goal that , everyone must be able to set it up on their own domain for free. And it can be even hosted on GitHub/Gitlab Pages
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Nice shortener! 👍 It's not working properly, the button didn't copied the URL, I had to do it from the address bar. Also, I noticed that you are using freenom for your domains, I wouldn't recommend you that, once you get some valuable traffic, they will suspend your domain and host ads on it. It's good just to experiment if you're new with domains, but consider buying a real domain. Have a nice hunting! 💥
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@fredooer Thank you for letting me know that the copy function is not working properly. Which browser you're using? And i encourage people to host the url shortener by themselves, it's that what it was built for. is just a demo.
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@bauripalash I was using Chrome on Android, just tried again and it's working fine. Probably it was a temporary problem in my browser. 😆
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@fredooer Happy To Hear That it's Working. Thanks For Trying 👍
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Update: FossURL 2.0 beta released, now supports custom URLs and also checks if short url if already used or not.
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