Effortlessly track & comply with open source licenses

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Hi ProductHunt — I’m really pleased to share FOSSA with you! Over the past year, we’ve been incubating the product at some amazing companies like SolarCity and SmartThings (more announcing soon!) to scale it across cutting-edge engineering teams and get it ready for this moment. Today, we’re also announcing a $2.2MM seed round led by Bain Capital Ventures with participation from humbling angels including the founders of Salesforce, Skype, YouTube, Cloudera, Tinder and others — read more about it here: Excited to hear your feedback on what we’ve built. You may have used a free resource on OSS licensing that we created and maintain: We see FOSSA as an attempt to tackle similar problems in a commercial scenario.
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We use FOSSA at Pavlov to track license compliance for hundreds of open source packages we use on an ongoing basis. Setup was quick, and the product has been receiving constant updates (with excellent release notes!) thanks to the responsive and sharp team. Huge congrats on the launch! :)
@kerncancode Thanks Alex, glad we could help!
Great idea. I can see this being a standard soon! *think face*
@rorybro Thanks, we hope so! We've tried to involve the right people from the beginning -- one I want to call out and thank is Heather Meeker (top open source attorney, author of the MPL). We're also working with great partners like npm, the Linux Foundation, and more to develop creative integrations to make FOSSA features accessible in the tools you use today.
Sweet! What was the spark that made you start this product?
@meidlin Read about it in our announcement!
Congrats on launching!!