Beautfiul Cryptocurrency Tracking for iPhone

Track at a glance over 25 different cryptocurrencies and altcoins that are constantly in flux from the convenience of your iPhone.

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I would love to answer any question related to application and how we developed it! @mste is around for design questions!
@myusuf3 This looks really interesting. Just downloaded, excited to play with it! What exchanges do you recommend for non-BTC buys? BTC-e?
@ZackShapiro Thanks dude! I usually just buy bitcoin and sell it on various exchanges for other currencies! I have used in the past. Not without its warts, but it works! I would pull of to your own machine as soon as possible.
@myusuf3 @mste When will it be available worldwide?
@mste @myusuf3 How did you build the graphs? Were you using React Native or native IOS?
In setting up the app, I'd love to auth with Coinbase to auto-add my coins/prices. A few more pieces of feedback: I don't want to do the math when I enter my coins, the app should handle that for me. For example, if I bought .5 BTC at $250 total purchase, I need to enter .5 BTC, $500 for the app to correctly track it. The + button in the top right to confirm my addition would be better as "submit" or "done." Typing BTC in the text field doesn't bring up Bitcoin, I have to type Bitocoin. Might be nice to have both supported. Overall, nice work! Like the scrub your finger to see the price feature.
@ZackShapiro Awesome feedback! I totally agree about the calculation of the price when entering the Bitcoin and the done button, we opted for the animation when the user makes a mistake which is the reason for the +. But "done" or "submite" would have a better feel and more of sense of completion. We already have the search issue earmarked. My favourite feature too.
I can't find it on app store and the link on website says "item not found". Is this app limited to some location?
is this available in the canadian app store? i cannot find it