Fortnite for iOS

Online, multiplayer Hunger Games is here for iOS 🎮

#1 Product of the DayMarch 16, 2018

Fortnite for iOS is a 100-player Battle Royale game from Epic Games, just now released for iOS on a rolling basis. It's like Hunger Games, but with 100 of your friends.

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Ok, I think it's time I finally give Fortnite a try. It reminds me of Team Fortress Classic, one of my all-time favorite multiplayer games.
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@rrhoover totally recommend it!
@rrhoover let's be squad buddies, this game has been my horrible addiction since july of last year 💀
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@rrhoover it's so rare to see TFC being referenced anywhere, nostalgia's hitting hard on the feels
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@teapot TFC was one of my first introductions to competitive online gaming and clans. So much nostalgia.
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@teapot @rrhoover not the place to talk about that, but TFC is one of my all time fav multiplayer game too !
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I really feel this is one of those product that it exist on mobile only because Epic Games _can_ do it. It's a FPS, a cross-platform FPS!Will it be fun on mobile? Will it perform on mobile? Who cares, let's do it, Unreal Engine runs on iOS and Android anyway...
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can someone invite me? :(
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@jpequod I would LOVE and invite as well, thanks!!!!
@jpequod Is someone handing out invites? :)
@jpequod I would also love an invite if they are being handed out lol.
@jpequod +1 — Would love an invite to try this out… Anyone?
@jpequod I would also appreciate an invite :)
I saw a stream on iPhone 6S and it's definitely impressive how well they optimized that game for phones. I'm frankly surprised it even works.
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