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Determining culture fit for people within a company can be a tricky thing. Products like Fortay that help with that process are exciting to see come to fruition. I look forward to hearing more about how Fortay and others are helping people recruit and keep great people for their teams.
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@hnshah thanks so much for hunting us! :) Hey PHers, I’m Marlina, CoFounder at Fortay and we're thrilled to officially launch our product on Product Hunt today! Making the right hire for culture fit is hard. My CoFounders and I are Hiring Managers who built Fortay for other Hiring Managers. Fortay is a data-driven culture fit hiring solution for Hiring Managers to accelerate the hiring process, drastically reduce screening times and keep teams culturally aligned. We asked our users, "What intrigues you about Fortay?" - I'm spending half of my day screening candidates - I'm swamped - We care about culture on our teams and want to see how Fortay can help here - We want to see what your tool can tell us about what's important to our people to help us identify our culture - We've had a few bad hires recently which really hit our company on multiple levels - We're rapidly hiring and worried about the impact on our culture and team in general We’d love for you to check us out and let us know what you think. We love feedback. The first 100 signups get dibs on an exclusive offer on top of an unlimited 30-day free trial. Hope you enjoy it! My CoFounders and I are here to answer all your questions. Thanks y'all!
We tried Fortay at Edusight and it was super simple to use. For us, the insights on our own team from the internal survey were just as useful as the insights on potential candidates.
Hey @qiming thanks for the feedback! Simplistic and intuitive UI is key to saving you time. :)
Absolutely love Fortay! We're in the early stages of a roll out at our company and absolutely thrilled with what @marlinakz and her team have created!
@stevepulver Thanks so much for the love Steven! We're looking forward to your feedback! :)
A great product from an all star team at an insanely affordable price point.
@lanec Thanks for the kind words! We're very excited about our future.