FormSubmit 2.0

Receive your site's form submission directly to your inbox

FormSubmit sends your site's form submission directly to your inbox without the need of any backend code or SMTP setup.
Connect your form to FormSubmit endpoint and we’ll email you the submissions. No PHP, Javascript or sign up required.
FormSubmit contains
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Hello fellow makers and hunters 👏, We have launched a new release for FormSubmit. Most of you already know about FormSubmit. Let me explain for ones who don't aware about FormSubmit. FormSubmit is a form to email service which allows you to receive your site's form submission directly to your inbox without the need of any backend code or SMTP setup. FormSubmit 2.0 is here with most advance features which are based on users requirements. Every day we are receiving more than 20 emails from our users requesting such features and finally, we are able to give those features to our valuable customers. What are new with FormSubmit 2.0: - AJAX - File Upload - Webhook - API - Auto Response to users - Email Templates - Official Documentation - UI changes and more cool features… With FormSubmit 2.0 we have introduced sponsors programs which allow companies to sponsor over our content and they will be our weekly/monthly sponsor. And also they can reach more than 4000+ website owners, founders and indie makers. And not only that they are the ones who keep this service free and active by supporting our developments. Sponsors Programs:
@kesara This looks incredibly easy to use and integrate. I very much like that. Do you have or plan on any features in the backend to avoid or filter out spam submissions or is this out of scope for you and one should simply rely the captcha which is built-in?
@nebulonb you can use both captcha and honeypot
@nebulonb most of the time spams avoided by these mechanisms
@kesara what's the difference between and
@hellotom It's a really good question. Thanks for asking it. We have: very simple & clear documentation lots of advanced features spam protection google captcha protection free for unlimited submissions With FormSubmit 2.0: Webhooks API AJAX Auto Responses File Upload Email Templates As you can see we are rich with features.
@kesara @hellotom exactly same tech and same domain name as, Are these two products related ?
Congratulations on the launch 🎉 How do you plan on making money?
@attacomsian I'm not planning to make money from users, But companies can sponsor our content. That's how we are making a profit from FormSubmit
@kesara Good luck ✌️
@attacomsian Thanks ❤️
Congratulation! How do you plan on keeping this a sustainable product? Is this intended for professional use?
@samir_chreim Yes, you can use it in professional manner