Receive your site's form submission directly to your inbox

FormSubmit sends your site's form submission directly to your inbox without the need of any backend code or SMTP setup.

Connect your form to FormSubmit endpoint and we’ll email you the submissions. No PHP, Javascript or sign up required.

FormSubmit contains

- very clear documentation

- spam protection

- free for unlimited submissions

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Hello fellow makers and hunters 👏, I am Kesara again. This time I have created very useful form endpoint call FormSubmit to increase your productivity. From now on you don't have to write your own endpoints for form submissions or you don't have to a setup SMTP server for receiving your submissions to your mailbox. Let FormSubmit do the job. 🎊 🤖 Within the time we save you can build something cool. I hope you all find love 😍 with this very useful product too. Thanks in advanced 👌 Kesara
@kesara I've used formsubmit for my personal website and it's amazing, simple and works. Thanks from a happy user!
@msny_36 You are welcome 😍
What is the difference between this and a mailto action ?
@example @vincentdnl mailto just opens your mail client with the email address.
If this does what it says it could be a game changer for some HTML sites. I couldn't get the demo to work though. I am guessing theres a queue or something.
@helloromero just replace your email address with "", you'll receive a confirmation email
@helloromero I couldn't get it to work either - I replaced the placeholder with my email address, but to no avail. Did not receive form submissions.
@alekplay after submitting the right side form you will receive a confirmation email, after confirming your email address you will receive all submissions
@kesara ah yes, you are correct. It was caught by my spam filter unfortunately.
@kesara @alekplay Yeah same it was in my spam

Have used this product for a couple of years for my personal site. Love this product, great job Maker!


Simple and practical. Have a static or personal site you want to add a contact me functionality? This will do it in 5 minutes


You'll get a lot of spam submissions unless you activate the anti-spam features

Great job! 😊 Could we have WP into this for Wp users?
@ayush_chandra Thanks 👌 we probably build it in future