Simple backend for your forms in static sites

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Good simplicity. It would be great to have examples or quick start form. Are you going to include option for custom redirect page following form submission?
@tomflemming Great suggestion, I'll add example page with simple form builder. Also add option for having a redirection. Thanks.
@tomflemming Just added redirection and example page. Check it out and let me know what do you think about it.
@nikhil_navadiya that was quick! Great! Will you be adding any spam countermeasures?
@tomflemming I have added some request throttling related changes, but will be improving.
@nikhil_navadiya honey trap perhaps?
This is awesome.
Hello product hunters! I am Nikhil, creator of formsubmit. Thanks @sshakeel for adding it. I am excited to be part of this wonderful community! Formsubmit sends all your form submissions on your website to your email without having a need for any coding or custom solution at all. I was inspired to create this service after getting many request to provide a sample script (which can handle form submission and sends data as an email) for a contact form on one of the landing page, developed by my younger brother. While fulfilling such requests, I realized that it will be very useful and easy for a person who doesn't have much technical expertise to write down the server side code or a server to handle form submission, if he can just specify url as an endpoint for a form on website, and the system takes care of the submission and sends email to the site owner. I have started this as a side project, but really have plan to add many new features, options, creative form builders, etc. I would love to hear your thoughts or feedback on formsubmit, so please feel free to post your thoughts or question here and I'll be happy to answer it. Thanks for stopping by!
@nikhil_navadiya Like others have mentioned, I too love the simplicity of formsubmit. I only hope by adding more features you stay true to this simplicity. I am definitely going to consider this for my next project and report my findings to you. You've tracked me down on Twitter so we'll be in touch very soon. :)
@sshakeel Sure, I'll try to keep it very simple. If you have any feedback around it, I would love to hear that. :)
Hi @nikhil_navadiya I think simple services like this are great for many sites! I like it. A couple of reasons why I think you need a privacy policy that people can read before they sign up: - users would like to know how the email address that they sign up with will be used - users will also want to know what will happen with the form data that gets submitted to your service
@toddtrann Yeah you are right, thank you for suggesting it, I'll add both of them once it's ready with me :)
I'd love to know the pricing plan for this. We're currently getting ready to move off of another platform due to lack of pricing consistency and transparency. This could be an option for us if we know what we are getting into. Otherwise, we'll just do a custom solution.
@codypeterson Currently it's completely free and I don't have any plan to add pricing in near future. I have started this as a side project actually. Please let me know if you have any suggestion around any functionality. I'll be happy to add it.