Build beautiful forms fast or collect data via URL endpoint

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We're very excited to finally launch Formlets. Thanks so much @bentossell for everything. We have built Formlets from the ground up to provide the user with a better experience to building and deploying online forms. One of the major differences that sets us apart is we offer a Full Designer to build forms and surveys from scratch OR an Endpoint for designers/developers who already know how to build forms, but need somewhere to store their submissions. Best of both worlds in 1 app. We have a lot of features in the pipe including Branching/Logic, more options on the Payment field, and a new Analytics page to provide you with better metrics about your submissions. Use code PH20 to get 20% off any paid plan. Lifetime discount for Product Hunters. Any questions, let me know!
@mattpickle_ Looks cool. Added it to my Forms! collection - Can you help me understand what advantage do I get from using your endpoint as a storage layer over say Google Sheets or rolling my own?
@jfilcik Hey Joe! The main advantage and motivation was to allow the users to collect submissions for any existing forms or new forms they create outside of Formlets and have all their submissions stored in the same place as forms that are created in Formlets. I've seen a ton of products hit PH lately that only offer the Endpoint and charge an arm and leg. To me, it's a bonus feature, but I'm hoping to reach a whole new market of designers & developers with it who don't need help creating forms. Also, with the Endpoint you get email notifications, a custom success page or redirect option, and hopefully soon will be the ability to manage a whitelist. A direct plugin to Google Sheets is also on our list so that users don't need to signup for Zapier. Hope that answers everything! Thanks for question.
I always love to see competitors to the big form makers right now, (Google and Typeform). Looks even more customizable then those two, really excited to try it!
@linkchef Definitely some heavy hitters in this area. We're a bootstrapped company and the features being developed now have been requested by current users versus advisors & investors. Any questions or feedback, let me know!
Love this! Have been looking for this exact product for a while.
how many uploads can be submitted? what's the maximum upload size for each file?
We took over the Service from Matt and are building a very strong V2 product, if you have any questions or feature requests , let me know