Malleable, pocket-sized card you can use to fix anything

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This has been getting funded on Indiegogo since earlier in the year, but I only just came across it and I instantly thought it could very well be the next household staple product. Just drop it in hot water, cut/bend/ it to your will, and do anything with it to fix things. Check out the product demo vids - hard not to be impressed!
I actually backed this product on Kickstarter when it first came out. Got a big packet of coloured ones but was pretty disappointed with the durability of it. I've found that Sugru is a much better to use play-dough substance. It's a good idea, but, for me I've struggled to find uses for it. Also, after a couple of times in boiled water, it doesn't bend the same and doesn't show the same usability it does on the video. It's a great idea, but just hard to really find a certain use for.
@calum_webb this is great feedback. And you know, things like this always feel like cool solutions looking for problems. Here's hoping it finds its rightful problems to solve!
@alirtariq For Sure. I couldn't agree more. I had waited for a long time to get it and now worried to use it on anything I deep really necessary :).
so cool :D #upvote
That's pretty amazing!
Love the idea of making it card sized!