Formbutton is a simple, customizable pop-up form from the makers of Formspree.
* It's just a form. No AI chat bots or overbearing platforms.
* Sends emails or connects with services like GSheets.
* Customize everything including fonts, colors, and layout.
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Thanks for the hunt Ben! I’m excited to finally share Formbutton publicly. At Formspree we’ve been using it internally for over 3 months now. We created Formbutton out of frustration with the existing options. We wanted a popup that matched the design of our website. We also needed something that integrated with our customer support tool. We didn’t want to replace our help desk or add another expensive CRM solution. We initially found a chat widget that worked OK, but found we didn’t like hanging in chat all day. Since we weren't online, our chat widget turned into a glorified form with limited options for configuring the fields and styles. As a form company, this seemed like a problem we could solve. ;) We built Formbutton and spent several months honing it to work well for us. I’m especially proud of a few features: - Formbutton is designed for accessibility and usability on mobile devices. - Formbutton connects directly to a growing list of 3rd party services through native plugins. That means you don't need another service (Zapier) in between. - Formbutton is backed by Formspree’s powerful spam filters. Plus, you can add reCAPTCHA with a click. - Formbutton can be used for free in many cases thanks to Formspree’s generous free plan. I hope you like it, and please send us your feedback
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I love small sharp tools. This one seems to fill a gap left by the larger platforms like Intercom and Zendesk. If you just want a simple pop-up form with full control over the look and feel, this is a nice free option. You can also use it with Formspree's main service, which is a developer-friendly form backend with some useful integrations. Note, I'm friends with the team, have advised a bit on marketing, and pushed them to launch and submit here on PH. Wooo 🥰
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This looks like a great tool. I'm going to recommend it to the next small business website I work on.
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@meredith_kucherov Awesome. If you need any help just hit us up.
Love the simplicity of it. I especially love that it's not an "AI" chatbot. Most "AI" chatbots pretend they're more advanced than they are. If you want a dead simple pop-up that doesn't annoy your website visitors, Formbutton is the best option.
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@mark_rogers4 Wow couldn't have phrased it better myself. I hate it when chat bots pester me.
Cole, can I put a button in an email? That would be a game changer for me.
@annelibby Sorry Anne! Formbutton needs to be embedded with some javascript, which isn't supported by email clients that I know of.
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