A desktop vacuum former that's quicker than 3D printing

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Looks nice. Great video. What are my variable costs going to be for materials? $349 is a fair price point, nonetheless. Good luck!
@rueter thanks! We're aiming for a price point of 30 sheets for $20 for refills.
@rueter their bed is 200mm by 200mm... so for 304mm by 304mm plastic sheets you can get easy for http://www.widgetworksunlimited.... or get sheets from here my only concern would be why these guys think this should take a year to deliver... I know from experience working with these Chinese factories I can have something as simple as this, designed and pushed out in 15 days from the get go. This is not a complex box to make..
@rueter ooh the inner geek in me wants to make a new Star Wars storm trooper full body kit now after watching this
Looks awesome!! I know we could definitely use this for our prototyping!
@joniofir thank you! As makers ourselves, we're super excited about seeing what prototypes people will create.
One of the coolest things seen as a consumer electronics. Its inspiring and pushing towards different level of thinking. 3D printer was one of the cool innovations, and this proves, we don't need to STOP.
@acpmasquerade thanks for the inspiring words Dhruba! Yes, we've got plenty more machines in the pipeline and can't wait to show them to you!
That sounds cool, and very smart idea to make it compatible with already owned vacuum cleaner. I wouldn't say this competes with 3d printing, you can't make things as elaborated than with a printer, but that's ok: modeling and printing is something just a bit beyond the reach of most people, and this could fill the gap by allowing people to make simpler things in a way easier way.
@oelmekki I agree. We don't see FormBox as a competitor to 3Dprinting, but a powerful accomplice.
Looks awesome!